Couchtuner Alternatives: Best Movie Streaming Sites

Couch Tuner has secured it’s the safest place in the fields of Online TV series and movie streaming site where watching series from HBO, The CW, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, CNN, Turner,  CNN, and other Media and some major entertainment companies. So, all these contents are free for enjoying to the fullest. There are so many alternative Couch tuner sites available. Here we are going to discuss some of the alternatives below. Also, you can download Cartoon HD Apk for Android.

Best Couchtuner Alternatives 2019

1. Café Movie

It has a very organized and humungous collection which is quite impressive. Café movie has everything which your eyes might be searching on other websites. You are really free on this website where everything is available free. You could watch for old classics to legendary movies. Although people sometimes get confused it might be very difficult to use but this is not the case. Everything is simple and easy. Must check Aptoide APK.

2. Watch series

Those who are series lovers can go for this particular option watch series which has so many things to offer you just need to open up the box.  There are famous TV series such as The walking dead, Agents of Shield and Modern Family and many more. This site will not disappoint you for the quality. For information, the movies are mostly on documentaries.

3. New episodes

Everyone is so curious about new episodes of famous TV shows. So they do not need to be worried about this. All is free here with the new episodes. It has options for browsing TV shows in alphabetical order or searching them directly by using the search bar. 

4. Hulu

You must be heard this name Hulu it is also the king in the field of watching series, TV shows, and movies. So if you want to see in HD then this will be the best and there will not be any ads so you are free from it. This Hulu website is free to access. You can watch all the series online for free in good quality.

5. Movie Watcher

Movie watcher is also quite famous among the alternatives of Couch Tuner plus it is absolutely free. There is no need for registration and other related things. It has a very simple process.  Name anything which it does not have, it has everything drama, reality TV shows, thriller, talk shows, film- noir, game show, horror, history, crime, comedy, fantasy, family, war and etc. so you could see how much variety it has. There are so many reasons why movie watcher has become a favorite of so many people. Also read, Vidmate APK.

6. Cucirca

Cucirca is one such website that is not just promising it passes the touchstone.  So you can really make your time along with cucirca worthwhile. It has a mixture of everything so just in case if you have missed out anything then this website has everything one would need, old and new shows. So enjoy both of them at once. So it has all the shows and even if you miss out any still there is an option of watching it.

7. Daily TV Fix

Daily TV fix has also become the number one choice for watching TV series, movies with perfection. This website is all the best in its quality and you can really enjoy your weekend very much in the company of this movie. People are finding this website really likable and loveable due to so many reasons. Even if you have a special love for shows and movie it will always be there. It has all easy process. If you are finding it difficult then it is very straight and simple to access. 

8. Netflix

Netflix is the number one in the list of watching movies, web series and other things with so much ease. Yes, it is you may not believe it but Netflix has become favorite of everyone and all the person has special liking for it. Everything is already there on Netflix. But it gives only a month free subscription and then you will have to pay for it. But that is worth because it has all the web series, movies and other things which make you feel watch even more. It is good time pass, in fact, it is really wonderful. You will really enjoy a great time here on Netflix.


Now you have websites full of the list so you will have to pick up which one suit you better and which one will be best for you or works for you. Except for one or two, it is all free for all and it is very easy to make even accounts. There are other options as well as but these are really wonderful and these are considerable options. So even if you are not finding them according to your test then you must find another alternative which is also available but these are surely the best.