Aptoide APK V7.8.10 Download (Latest version)

For those who are technical lovers and have a great enthusiasm for android can now check out the aptoide APK. This store manages with being a powerful app by the internet community. When it’s about the Google play store, there is really no second thought about its grandeur. There are a lot of apps in the android market place which is either free or is paid one. But the aptoide store is offering with all the apps for free. 

The aptoide apk is similar to that of Google play store which is offering with digital content. Using this you can browse and download the apps. This is completely like a market place application where all the contents are available and you don’t need to Google search every time to download the apk file of the app. Now this is offering with over 800 thousand apps. This is indeed not available in the play store as it offends Google’s policy of “no competition clause”.

Download Aptoide APK V7.8.10 For Android

A great operating system

Aptoide APK has promisingly built one of the most powerful and excellent operating system. This has innovatively driven more than 95 % of the smart phones. What makes it more promising is Google play store which hosts millions of useful apps that you can download and install directly on the smart phone to make your life go easy. This has also bought on a millions of independent and free source apps that you can install on the device without the play store. Looking to the policies, it’s very clear with terms and services and you have to stick to the rules for your app and that are to be accepted by Google. The aptoide with this is bringing on the most useful application.

The aptoide app store

The aptoide APK is bringing on android community store being managed by App store. This lets you download apps directly on the android mobile. Some of the features offered by aptoide store which will make you love it instantly. The app offers with the entire app which is scanned for virus or malware. The concept is being inspired by the APT packaging manager and would let you work with multiple sources. When the user wants a package, they can easily use the clients to search for sources where the application is located and stored. You can also create your own market store in the aptoide app store and then publish the app. This is one of the most popular alternative app stores for the android.

Features to explore

There are a lot number of features explored with the aptoide Apk. These are like:-

  • You are going to get all the paid apps free of cost.
  • This is also providing with free apps without any charge.
  • You can also download the apps which are not available for the country.
  • No need to register an account as you can do for play store.
  • There is inbuilt malware and virus scanner present providing with mod versions of the apps.
  • You can also get hacked versions of games and hacking tools for games.
  • This is going to provide you with updated apps even before it is released.
  • You can download the apk file with pause and resume the download any time.
  • You wish is also serving with the reboot that will not wipe the downloaded data when paused.
  • You can easily create your own marketplace and then manage your own app store.
  • The interface of aptoide apk is quite easy and user friendly.

Get it sorted if not working

If the aptoide Apk is not working, then you can grant all the permissions to the app. If the app is not running or causing any kind of issue then you can clear the data and cache of the app to fix it.

This is best for the purpose if you are thinking to reduce the load time and then connect to the Google open DNS. For changing of the DNS you can download the DNS changer app form the Google play store.


The aptoide is considered as one of the best 3rd party app store for devices running on the android OS.

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